5 Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil

A good friend introduced me the benefits of cooking with Coconut Oil (soo yummy & healthy) but I never knew how many other uses this stuff had! The more I learn about Coconut Oil, the more I want to stand on a mountain top and spred the word!

Enjoy these fabulous uses of Coconut Oil!

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coconut oil

Face & Body Moisturizer

Just rub a little Coconut Oil in between your fingers to soften it up and then apply directly to skin! Coconut Oil is naturally more hydrating that most store-bought lotions and it is without all the added chemicals and dyes. Coconut Oil can also help repair rough or flaky skin and leave you feeling super smooth and fresh! If you aren’t in love with the tropical, coconut smell, don’t worry as it will absorb into your skin quickly and you won’t notice it hardly at all! The best part, you won’t feel oily or greasy after using Coconut Oil as a lotion!


Makeup Remover

Coconut Oil can also be used as a gentle makeup remover. When applied to the face, it will remove the extra, leftover makeup that your face washing didn’t remove. Coconut Oil works especially well at removing stubborn mascara that is left behind after washing your face!


Coffee Creamer

If you’re like me at all, you need to start your day with coffee!. Coffee can be a low calorie drink that gives you the boost of energy we all need. It is all the extra creamers, flavors and sugars that we add to our coffee that makes it unhealthy and can cause us to crash. Coconut Oil can be added to your morning cup of coffee as a taste and energy booster and it is a healthy fat! which is an added bonus! 


Natural SPF 4 Sunscreen

This works well when you use your Coconut Oil as a body and face moisturizer. SPF 4 is not super high and isn’t enough to use by itself, but is a great start to a good sun care routine! Even if you forget your sunscreen everyday, it is nice knowing that you have a little layer of protection just from your lotion!


Deep Conditioner for Hair

I use Coconut Oil as a deep condtioner for my hair. It can get a little messy but is worth it. Just warm a few tablespoons of the oil up to liquify it, let it cool and apply to damp hair. Then I just wrap an old tee shirt around my hair and catch some zzzs. Of course you have to wash your hair again in the morning but you will have your best hair day yet, so again, worth it. An added bonus? Coconut Oil is all natural so if some gets on your pillow or rubs off onto your face, no need to worry about your skin breaking out!


tip: Always buy extra virgin, unrefined Coconut Oil. This version is a close to its natural form as possible as it has gone through the least amount of processing – which is a good thing!! 

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