18 Things You Only Appreciate As You Get Older

There are some things that you never fully appreciate (or appreciate at all) until you are older. These things might have seemed stupid or lame when you were a kid, but now? Now you live for a quality cup of coffee, a trustworthy doctor and good credit.


1. Good quality bedding 

good quality bedding

You spend at least eight hours in your bed every day (or you should be), and that’s not counting your extra lounging time. So why would you not make your bed the most comfortable it can be? Good quality sheets don’t have to have crazy high thread count. It’s all about the fabric you prefer, so figure that out and then go from there.


2. A doctor/dentist you actually like and trust


You will be much more likely to take care of your body and teeth if the person who takes care of them for you is someone you like, or at the very least trust.


3. A clean, organized house 

clean house

Turns out your mother was right. An organized house equals an organized mind, even if the rest of your life is in shambles. So keep up with the standard chores (laundry, dishes, toilet) and you’ll see how much more on top of things you feel.


4. Spending money on memories over products


Meaning you will always remember a trip you splurged on with your mom, friend or significant other, but the expensive item of clothing you just had to have might go out of style in a year. So spring for the trip you’ve always wanted to take, whether it be Europe or just a road trip across the country.


5. Investing in certain items of clothing

nothing to wear

Yeah, we just said not to spend lots of money on something like a purse, but if this purse is a timeless piece or something you know you’ll have for a long time, we say go for it. You’ll always appreciate the fact that you have the perfect little black dress for any occasion even if you spent two paycheck’s worth to get it.


6. Naps

two naps per day

Why didn’t we take more naps when we were required to do so?!


7. Staying in on weekends

staying in on weekendsIf you are still all about that FOMO (fear of missing out), trust us when we say that one day you will look forward to the weekends when you have absolutely nothing planned and you can just sit on the couch in your sweatpants and catch up on the Chopped and House Hunters episodes clogging up your DVR. Our motto is: “the party don’t start ’til we walk out because it’s late and the music is too loud.”


8. Drinking high quality alcohol 

high quality alcohol

When you get older, your hangovers get more brutal, which means you can’t put crap booze into your bloodstream anymore. And that is how you come to appreciate the taste of a good scotch or a good red wine or a quality beer. It’s not about getting buzzed (well, it is a little bit); it’s about the taste.


9. Going to bed early 

going to bed early

And that also happens to perfectly coincide with getting out of bed in a better mood in the morning.


10. Your parents 

cool mom


The very fact that you grew up as well as you did is a miracle once you discover for yourself how hard it is to raise a child. They’ve been through it all, and now you actually listen to their advice. Plus, you’ll finally appreciate all the things they did that annoyed you during your childhood, like setting a curfew, banning you from seeing that douchebag guy and making you read more instead of watching TV. Thanks, parents!


11. Exercising



When you’re young and your metabolism is a freak of nature, you don’t even have to work out! Turns out, your body changes a lot as you age, and exercising is just something you have to do to stay healthy. But the older you get, the more you appreciate how amazing you feel after a good sweat.


12. Having good credit

having good credit


Bless your parents for not letting you have a credit card until you were older or only giving you a credit card with a super low limit. Now you can buy a house.


13. Good Coffee

good coffee

Now you know why adults drank the s–t out of this liquid heaven every morning. Ditto for tea.


14. Vegetables


You never wanted to eat them and you probably hid them in your napkin at dinner and/or fed them to the dog. Now you’re pinning recipes for roasted brussel sprouts and garlic green beans left and right. Mmmmm…


15. Sunscreen


You’ve become one of those people who chase their friends down at the beach and make them slather on SPF 70 and you are damn proud about that. Take care of your skin!


16. Brunch 


When we were younger, we just thought it was a late breakfast kind of thing. Now, as an adult, we know that brunch is an event. And a delicious event, at that. Plus, alcohol! 


17. A Costco membership


It turns out there is a lot more at Costco than just free samples. The savings you get from buying necessary stuff like toilet paper, paper towels and coffee in bulk is pretty clutch.

18. Punctuality

on time 

As a young whippersnapper, being fashionably late was all the rage. Now you are punctual and you expect others to provide you with the same courtesy. You understand why your parents constantly got on your back about being dependable, because in the real world, that’s a very important quality to possess.  


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