Am I Having A Boy Or Girl?

So you want to know “Am I having a boy or girl?” Your sonographer should be able to tell you at your ultrasound around 20 weeks gestation whether you’re having a girl or a boy with a reasonable amount of certainty. But of course the only 100% accurate way to know for sure is to wait for your little one’s arrival.

But in the weeks leading up to that 20 week ultrasound (or 40 weeks until birth) you might find yourself wondering “is it a boy or girl” who is rolling, punching and kicking around in there. Lucky for you, there are old wives tales gender predictions that can help predict the gender of your baby. Of course, these are strictly for fun but some mother’s swear by them. 

Happy predicting!


Am I having a boy or girl:

 am i having a boy or girl 1

boy or girl test:

Are you having morning sickness

no / yes


Is the baby’s heartbeat…

under 140 bpm / over 140 bpm 


How are you headaches compared with pre-pregnancy?

more / less


How is your mood?

happy / moody


Are you sleeping on your…

left / right


How are you carrying baby?

low / high


Are you craving…

salty and sour food / sweets


How is your complexion compared with pre-pregnancy?

better / worse


Are you feeling more ...

clumsy / steady


How is your hair compared with pre-pregnancy?

thick and glossy / dry and limp


Results of baking soda test (pee into a cup of baking soda)

fizzles / nothing happened


Results of ring test (take off your wedding ring, tie it on a string and hang over your belly)

swings in a circle / sways back and forth 


Chinese gender prediction chart calendar (click here for the Chinese gender prediction chart)

boy / girl 



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