10 Images That Prove Puppies And Babies Are Soul Mates.

So you’ve nailed this whole puppy parenting thing. 

Now you’re ready for the real deal.. a baby.

But it’s okay, because here is proof that babies and puppies are best friends for life!

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1. This baby getting kisses from his best bud:

babies and puppies

2. This little guy getting his very first raspberry:

babies and puppies 2

3. The best snuggle in the history of the world:

babies and puppies 4

4. This puppy who knows they belong together, but just can’t get there:

babies and puppies 5

5. They could do this all day:

babies and puppies 7

6. These buddies who do everything together:

babies and puppies 10

7. These guys who are “walking” each other:

babies and puppies 11

8. This all-encompassing baby hug:

babies and puppies 12

9. This kiss that says it all:

babies and puppies 13

10. And this puppy and his soulmate:

babies and puppies 13


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