Reasons Why Wine Drunk Will Always Be Your Favorite Drunk

Women and wine — it’s perhaps the closest and most fun relationship out there. It’s stable, strong and reliable.


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1. It Makes You Feel Classy

you're so classy

2. It’s Technically Fruit

wine is fruit

3. You Don’t Feel Bloated The Way You Do After Beer

you are hot hot hot

4. The Bartender Can Never F*ck Up Your Drink Order

i got drunk

5. It Serves As A Great Excuse To Eat Cheese

6. No One Judges You For Drinking It At 9 am

the importnat thing is to be drunk

7. You Can Drink It In Front Of Your Parents Without Them Thinking You’re An Alcoholic


8. Drinking The Entire Bottle Isn’t Frowned Upon

drinking wine

9. It Comes In Ice Cream Form Now

wine icecream

10. It’s More Comforting Than A Food Binge

wine is comforting


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