My Dream Kitchen, as told by Pinterest

One day when I’m a bajillionaire, I will build a dream kitchen. And it will look like this. Until then, I will continue to pin to my “dream house” board on Pinterest and live in a fairytale. On a side note, my browser is telling me “bajillionaire” is not a word. Obviously it doesn’t have the dreams that I do.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.35.23 PM

dream kitchen must haves


1. An open layout with direct views into the living/family room.

dream kitchen 7


dream kitchen 9


2. A breakfast nook, obviously.

dream kithcen 10


3. This wine dispenser.

dream kitchen4


4. A hideaway cabinet because I hate clutter.

dream kitchen 5


5. A place for onions/potatoes because there is never the right spot for them.

dream kitchen 6


6. Hideable outlets because there are never enough & I hate clutter.

dream kitchen3


7. These extra mini fridges – so many possibilities.

dream kitchen 8


8. Why isn’t this norm for cabinets? Seriously, so much better.

dream kitchen2


9. A walk in pantry to die for.

dream kitchen 11


10. All in a modern farmhouse/rustic elegance feel.

dream kitchen 13


dream kitchen 21


dream kitchen 22




What do you think?

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