The 10 Types Of Drunk Girls You’ll Meet In Life.

No two drunk girls are the same. Here are the 10 Types Of Drunks You’ll Meet.

Which drunk are you?

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1. The “OMG This Is My Song” Drunk

The thing with this girl is that every song is her song! And she wants to dance to all of her songs. Wait.. isn’t there a song about this? 

this is my song


2. The Emotional Drunk

Once she has started crying, there is no stopping her. She is crying over the smallest things like someone is wearing the same outfit as her or maybe her bf dumped her… 2 years ago. Either way, she’s bringing you down. 

types of drunk girls 2


3. The Shots, Shots, Shots Drunk

She doesn’t care what time it is or what you have to do tomorrow morning she’s down to drink and she wants/needs you to drink with her. She won’t take no for answer and she asks so nicely that you can’t say no to her, so you drink too. Also, you suck in her eyes if you take anything less than 23765891 shots with her every eight minutes.

 shots shots shots


4. The Puker

Every. Single. Time. 

types of drunk girls 6


5. The Fighter

She’s angry (hopefully not at you). Don’t try to talk any sense into this girl because the alcohol has blocked out all logic. She’s on a rampage so just stay out of her way. She’s probably gotten you kicked out of bar or two.  



6. The “I’m Not Even That Drunk” Drunk

But it comes out in a slur and you know she is. Or she falls over and you know she is. Or she spills her drink.. and your drink and you know she is. You let her drink more anyway.  



7. The Make-Out Drunk

She’s probably a flirt when sober and the alcohol just turns it up about 7028 notches. She has perfected the drunk pout and can get you a free drink in three seconds flat by batting her eyes at.. anyone.  She came. She kissed. She conquered. 



8. The Disappearing Act

You look away and she’s gone. Drunk girls are always losing this friend but she always ends up back at home at some point in time, usually with an extraordinary story. 

disapearring act


9. The Blackout or Get Out Drunk

This girl has no limits.. she’s out of control. She’ll blackout on a Tuesday night at a “casual girls night.” When it comes to drinking, it’s go big or go home. And yet, somehow, the girl is miraculously never hungover in the morning. Usually, she’s just still drunk.



10. The Drunk Dialer

She calls her ex boyfriend, her mom, her ex, ex boyfriend, you.. and you again. She leaves voicemails where she thinks she having an actual conversation. She is also probably a drunk texter. You try to take her phone from her, but she still finds a way. When she’s sober, she’s impossible to get ahold of tho. 

drunk dialer


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